Independent firm                                    

Gain from an independent perspective.                                                              

Greenbook Wealth Management is an independently owned financial consulting firm with over 50 years of combined dedicated and personalized service to our clients. Our independence allows us to offer you an unbiased objective approach to serving your investment needs.

Our firm offers financial planning and investment management for retirees and those nearing retirement. We also offer wealth management services to trusts, estates, private foundations, and business owners, with a focus on financial planning for retirement. Our primary commitment is to help you achieve your financial goals.

Our Strategy First philosophy focuses on developing personalized financial plans that are independent of specific investment options. Through our interview and data collection process we will determine, among other things, your financial objectives, risk tolerance, tax status, current investment holdings, and asset allocation in order to prepare a hypothetical financial illustration built on a custom framework for your retirement. This framework attempts to match short-term liabilities with short-term investment strategies and long-term liabilities with long-term investment strategies.

As part of out comprehensive services, our investment advisors analyze current investment holdings for their potential place in your financial strategy and make recommendations for improvement.


Our Culture

As an independent financial planning firm, we offer an objective approach to helping you achieve your investment goals, and we are committed to acting in your best interest. We understand that your financial situation is unique; therefore, you need a customized plan designed specifically for you.  

Whether you are just starting to save for your future, or are a seasoned investor, our team at Greenbook Wealth Management has the financial management experience to direct you towards reaching your objectives.

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